About Us

Leading a Market Transformation

For all of its progress, today’s solar industry relies on legacy technologies with inherent cost and efficiency limitations. The next great wave of solar growth will be fueled by innovations that dramatically boost the energy harvest of every solar installation. CubicPV’s technologies, Direct Wafer™ manufacturing and durable perovskite materials, are at the vanguard of a barrier-breaking solar future defined by powerful tandem modules.

“Tandem solar modules are likely the next game changer in solar and have a chance to disrupt the industry dominance of silicon-only cells. We invested in CubicPV because it has a path to being the first to commercialize the tandem technology.”

– Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Our Name

The Cubic in CubicPV refers to the shared cubic crystal structure of both silicon and perovskite, as well as the exponential increase in power delivered by the tandem modules built from both materials.

Board of Directors

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Carmichael Roberts
Bill Burgess
Bob Metcalfe
Bruce Sohn
Reidar Langmo
Prof. Yasheng Huang
Frank van Mierlo
Victor Liu