Direct Wafer Manufacturing

Our Wafers

A Better Class of Wafers at Half the Cost

The Direct Wafer process moves the silicon wafer from commodity to strategic advantage by introducing wafer properties unachievable with conventional technologies.

Lowest Carbon Footprint

By eliminating manufacturing steps, sawing and silicon waste, The Direct Wafer® process requires just 1/3 the energy of traditional wafer manufacturing.

High Performance

CubicPV's wafers will power a tandem module future that far exceeds the efficiency limits of conventional technologies.

Any Wafer Size and Thickness

Working at the melt level and local control of wafer growth opens up new possibilities for wafer geometry, optimized for cell architectures

Double the Product
Per kg of Silicon

Removing the ingot step means no sawing and double the wafer output for every kg of silicon.

21st Century Solar Manufacturing

To make a wafer directly from molten silicon and skip ingot production, we invented a new furnace to replace the approaches that date back to the 1950s and 1970s.

The Czochralski furnace (mono) is an invention from Bell Labs in the 1950s that pulls a single silicon crystal into a massive, multi-stories-high boule that must be sawn to produce wafers.

The Direct Solidification Furnace (multi), invented in the 1970s, casts silicon into a 800+ kg ingot that must be sawn to produce wafers.

The Direct Wafer furnace produces silicon wafers directly from a molten bath, no sawing necessary. A 21st century invention for a 21st century industry.