The Position 

 We are looking for a talented Coating Engineer with experience coating wet and solution-based materials, specifically on a sheet-to-sheet slot-die coater. The main responsibilities of this role include: 

Problem-solving and troubleshooting using diligent, hands-on analytical and characterization methods will be a key part of this role, so the applicant must have a strong background in solving complex problems. The coating engineer will work with our team to optimize the wet film processing as we scale up to pre-production and production sizes. Applicant must have knowledge of R&D metrology instruments along with data analysis and interpretation. The Coating Engineer will use experimental data to design and execute projects plans. 

The Coating Engineer will be part of a larger team of R&D scientists and engineers and will have ample opportunity to work closely with other subject and process experts. Collaboration and teamwork are essential elements of the job. 

This position reports directly to a Project Technology Lead, but candidate will have the opportunity to interface with virtually all facets of the business, from research to process development to manufacturing and quality control. All work is visible throughout the company, from technicians to senior management. 

The Requirements 

  • Basic science or engineering degree. MA or MS with a minimum of 5 years industry experience, or BS or BA with minimum of 10 years industry experience 
  • Previous industry experience as wet coatings engineer and working with solutions of varying viscosities 
  • Experience using sheet-to-sheet slot-die coating in manufacturing 
  • Experience with experimental design and process development 
  • Experience working in a laboratory environment and knowledge of chemical safety protocols 
  • Strong analytical skills 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English 
  • A demonstrated ability to solve problems using multidisciplinary and hands-on approaches. 
  • Must enjoy frequent interactions and open communication with a wide variety of personnel. 
  • Stand, sit, or walk for long periods of time performing laboratory work 
  • Complete tasks in a timely fashion 
  • Communicate the findings to technical staff in presentation format 
  • Exemplify team work and strong work ethic