The Position

 CubicPV is in the advanced planning stage for a 2 GWp integrated wafer and solar cell factory based on our proprietary Direct Wafer® technology in India. For this high-tech manufacturing operation, we are looking for top-notch engineers to be part of the team that develops, designs and deploys the manufacturing process technology. For the initial phase, which will run until Summer 2023, this position will be based in Bedford, MA. During that time, the factory will be designed, production processes defined, and equipment designed and built. Once the construction of factory building is completed, the team will relocate to India, where it will be responsible for the deployment and ramp-up of all equipment and processes in the factory. 

  • Work with the Equipment team to develop equipment concepts 
  • Develop equipment specifications in collaboration with process engineers and suppliers 
  • Follow-up on equipment design and build at suppliers 
  • Inform the design of the factory 
  • Train equipment technicians 
  • Install and ramp new equipment in the factory 
  • Drive continuous improvement after ramp-up 

The Requirements 

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics or similar, MS preferred 
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Solidworks CAD & CAE tools 
  • Comfortable in office, lab, and manufacturing environments 
  • Keen eye for detail 
  • Excellent communication skills: speaking, listening, and technical writing 
  • Prepared to move to India to help start, run, and improve operations