The transformative technologies invented by CubicPV provide the optimal solar solution for any market. They will underpin the next great wave of solar growth.


The future of solar energy

CubicPV’s tandem modules will offer more than 30% greater efficiency than the highest efficiency conventional modules. It works by stacking two solar cells, made of different semiconductor materials, on top of each other. Silicon is the ideal material for the bottom cell in a tandem configuration. An extremely low cost silicon cell, powered by Direct Wafer technology, makes tandem economically viable for terrawatt scale. Perovskite, with its highly tunable properties and low CapEx, is the ideal top layer material. Together, the two materials will dramatically increase the power of every acre of solar deployed.

Perovskite Technology

A genuine breakthrough supported by the strongest patent portfolio in North America

CubicPV’s perovskite technology is built to last. While interest in perovskite technology has surged given the material’s potential for high efficiency, low cost, and broad applicability in solar, a primary obstacle remains in the commercialization of perovskite solar technology: it’s durability. This is where CubicPV excels. We have tackled the durability issue through better chemistry. By building intrinsic stability into the material itself, we make it far more robust.

Direct Wafer Manufacturing

The bedrock for a tandem device and
the key to ultra-low-cost solar.

Direct Wafer technology manufactures silicon wafers the way they should have been made from day one: in one step, directly from a bath of molten silicon. The resulting product delivers the world’s lowest cost of electricity today, offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint over conventional methods, and produces the ideal bottom cell for high-efficiency tandem modules.